Zappettificio Leuci srl was founded in 2003 out of the originary company Leuci Giuseppe, born in the 80’s as an agricultural equipment repair workshop where worked the owner and 5 employed.

After twenty years of experience in the field of agricultural equipment production, the entrepreneur decided to invest in the expansion of the company by implementing a strategy of internalisation of some phases of production that were first performed outside the company. He founded zappettificio Leuci srl, a limited liability company based on a collaboration agreement with another company operating in the same sector.

The company changes  the name  and the legal form but continues to operate in the sector of production and distribution of spare parts and accessories for agricultural machineries, motor-hoes, tractors and motocultivators. After the process of vertical integration and the acquisition of particular industrial machinery zappettificio Leuci srl specializes in the production of blades, an item that was first acquired and resold and that is now manufactured by the company.

Zappettificio Leuci srl has many points of strength that allow it to compete with the major industry leaders thanks to the accumulated knowledge, the constant willingness to innovate and the foresight that have always characterized the management of the company.

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